Statistics for SE Reporting

Although there is much of an art to being a good SE, there are many ways of honing that art. To best do this we need some statistics.

These statistics should focus on how well the SEs are able to win a technical recommendation, and also how many of those recommendations turn into successful deals. You might think that this second one is the job of the commercial people, but the amount of demand the end-users of the tool have for it, will help quicken the process of the prospect becoming a customer.

Another important indicator is the size of those deals. While it is not necessarily easier to win smaller deals, it is the large deals that really matter to a business.

So at the end of every week, every SE in our organisation sends a spreadsheet to our Worldwide SE team leader, who collates the information and presents it to the VP of Sales.

The information in the report shows: Outstanding POC requests, Custom/Special Work Needed, Products to Opportunities, Demo Requests, Past Week Activity (Prospect, $ Size, Activity Type), Next Week Planned Activity (Prospect, $ Size, Activity Type). Then come Win/Loss reports, for every prospect that has moved off from the previous week.

The SE team leader presents to the VP the Number of PoC requests, All special works (Development projects) and the size of those deals, Number of Demos, % Customer time for each SE.

The SE team leader will also see from this reporting (and also by talking with the other SEs) where there is opportunities for SEs to work together to bring in deals easier.


Wonderful post, Thank you

Have you any templates to work from? How do you enforce the SEs to comply with this request?
We do work internally from templates but they would be company confidential. However I am sure it is not hard getting a basic excel sheet together with the required fields.

The enforcement comes from the VP of Sales, who should be pretty strict with the SE team leader. I guess the other part is if you don't report, you will get a 0% busy, or a ? mark on your name...But I know what you mean, some SEs think that they are apart from the system.
On the subject of Reporting, as we complete Q3 and move to Q4, I'm looking into 2008 and Review time.

As we all move into the new year and start to consider our staff and their goals for the new year, what are your thought on MBOs for 2008? Aside from Obtain quota, etc.

I've gone through two year-end/beginning MBO sessions without the WOW factor. I'd like to push for more meaningful MBOs.

Your thoughts?

Thank you