Is there a need for Office 2010?

As new screenshots emerge of Office 2010
(neowin: Office 2010 screenshots emerge)

I wonder how well this will be taken on by the market. This the
current name for the upcoming Office 14, which will have such dramatic
features as Outlook storing your voicemail, just like an email.
Additionally there seems to be some nice improvements on the Outlook
web access from the browser
(Cnet: Office 2010) which is
apparently more supportive on non-MS browsers than before. One of
these will be conversation threading as seen in products like Gmail.

Why Office 14? Office 13 was skipped - as 13 is not considered a lucky
number. I wonder how many other products have had a number 13?

In the fall we should be able to see a technical preview version which
will show more of the features on all of the products. Will this, like
Windows Vista, be one of those releases that the market shows general
indifference to? Is Microsoft hitting a wall that customers are happy
enough with the products, that they don't need to see continual change
and improvement on. Since so much of Microsoft's technology is the
basis of working environments, corporations would rather not change
them, unless it shows a marked improvement or decrease in cost.

Otherwise, many customers would happily keep plodding along on the
same old technology as before.