Running Oracle on VMware

There is an interesting fight coming from VMware and their EMC owners  to get Oracle to approve their software as a supported deployment and License option.

Oracle's official position is that its software is not supported on
ESX or any other 3rd Party hypervisor software.

Their recent purchase of SUN will of course ensure that their
capability extends from the Hardware to Software. However for VMware
solution providers this is a large obstacle for getting their product
into the door, and it is an obstacle provider by a large rival Vendor.

The current calls from EMC sound a bit far fetched to me. A customer
isn't going to risk their install of a pricey product like Oracle on
an unsupported platform. They need to get these customers to approach
Oracle pre-implementation and press the point. If Oracle doesn't budge
on this, than my guess is that their platform costs will slowly go up,
due to the difficulty of competing with them.

From an SE perspective, this kind of obstacle is very hard to
overcome. Selling products that work on the Oracle stack need to be
checked against Oracle's supportability, and it is important to not
design solutions that put customers into an unsupported position from
a 3rd party vendor.