Sales Engineer Guy Top Stories Overview

I've seen a fair amount of interest on Sales Engineer articles lately, so I thought I'd summarize my top articles and questions I get asked a lot lately.

Compensation is a key thing driving all sales engineers.  Recently I reviewed the Labor Statistics in Compensation of Sales engineers. This is a good article to check where you sit against all Sales Engineers. Previously I looked at How is a good Sales Engineer Compensated? If you are looking at why a company needs sales engineers look at The Value added by Sales Engineers.
This is a really hot theme, and I would love to go deeper into it but really need some good stats or information from SE Managers to get any further. In particular, I'd like to know whether the percentage of total earnings from commission or variable bonus goes up or down due to seniority in the team or role.

I also had a short focus on running Webinars. Due to their lower cost, Financial controllers often dictate that Sales tries to use these tools more. I visit these topics with Webinar use to minimise travel and another article more specifically looking at the Gotomeeting tool.

Finally I have had a lot of interest in cloud computing and SaaS as ongoing themes, looking at SaaS adoption in Europe, costs of Cloud Computing vs Virtualisation among others.