WeirdSE Launches Wisdom Apple Apps

Who said Sales Engineer training needs to be in a class room? 

The WeirdSE just launched  training targeted at field based SEs which is always at hand and available anytime & anywhere.  The training is available as a series of applications for iPhone/iPad available through the Apple app-store.
The main focus is on relevant field-applicable, high impact technical sales skills.
WeirdSE Wisdom
Training modules
"I've been an Account SE, a Specialist, and a Technical Account Manager. I've attended lots of boring sales trainings designed for the Account Manager, not for me. What I want is actionable, insightful, and entertaining training that was designed specifically for SEs. How do I drive the deal toward technical closure? How do I plan deal-changing moments?" said Steve Ottana, co-founder of Sales Edutainment, Inc. And thus was born WeirdSE. For more information about the WeirdSE visit his website.

This is something I have often seen in the field - SE training is either about technology (understanding product capabilities, infrastructure or industry standards) or else about sales (Solution Selling, Customer-Centered Selling, etc).  Very rarely are there trainers, training or processes around sales engineering as a discipline.

What I like about the WeirdSE training is that it is available wherever the SE is. Plenty of time is sunk into travel, waiting for meetings, between meetings and so forth, that this would be truly useful to SEs on the road.  At least those with an Apple product!