Free Sales Engineering Resources on the Web

Free SE online resources:

There are a number of fantastic resources to help you become a better SE.
Remember, great SEs develop themselves, they aren't produced or trained by any college or school that I know of.  Normally you have to go out there and learn it for yourself.

Books (EmZed Copyright 2006)
So much training that SEs receive is aimed either for technical audiences or for Sales teams.  There may be a gap in the market for anyone providing top quality SE training.

Some of the best resources I've seen recently:
Paid learning:

Read some good books!

  • Courses - think out of the box. Karrass: Effective Negotiating for Engineers A course that Karrass can do for your company. Remember that as an SE, even if you don't sit at the negotiating table, it doesn't mean you aren't part of the process. You are the eyes and ears of the sales team.
  • The Great Demo! - read the book and Second Derivative can also arrange training
  • Brush up on Public speaking, presentation and webinar skills (remember running a webinar is not the same as a live presentation!)
  • Spend some time practicing!