Travel tips for Sales Engineers

Sometimes I find it hard to optimize is the soft perks of all the travelling you do as a sales engineer. With a bit of planning and joining the right flying partners you can quickly take advantage of the points on offer and fund your holidays and personal life - which might help make up for the work travel.

The Points Guy!
The Points Guy offers some great advice in setting up the right travel points schemes for you in his Beginner’s Guide to Setting Up an Effective Points Strategy.

As a general rule - if points are on offer for any flight, hotel, rental or spend while you are travelling, you should make sure you get credited to the best plan for you, and if possible focus on maxing your points with the right chain for you, and you will get free upgrades, perks, freebies and also the points as well. Often there are ways to earn points quicker, extra bonuses and member's rates.

In many cases you save money for your company too, with complimentary airport transfers, free wifi and lounge access at airports.