Sales Engineers - look back at 2011

For some of you, this is the end of your financial year.
Even if it isn't, it is probably a good time to look back at the year and think of ways of doing things even better.

Happy New Year to all SEs - picture by Billy Alexander
My GM likes us to always think of the following things after a meeting:

  • What did we do well?
  • What did we not do well?
  • How could we improve next time?
I think for the end of the year we can go through the same process in a more strategic way.  You should be thinking about this both from how well you did your current role, and also what you should be thinking about for your next role.

For instance in 2011, you may feel you did the following well:
  • Broadened my knowledge across new product offerings
  • Used the colleagues in my team in situations that they are more productive 
  • Shared resources with the team to help us all get more productive
Things you may have been able to do better:
  • Kept my demos as fresh and slick as possible
  • Spend appropriate time on bigger things
  • Push myself forward for new roles
How can you improve?
  • Spend a little time every week keeping demos and presentations up to date - and getting the whole team to add value to it.
  • Ensure I share workload with the team - clear my schedule of things that others can do well
  • Show that I am capable of the new roles, so management don't see it as a risk.
By thinking about this at a more relaxed time you can really get your head straight and go for the things that matter.  When you spend too much time with your head down busy, you can miss the strategic options.

Further reading for the new year: