Raising your Industry Profile

Sales Engineers (and other outwardly focused Technical experts) can help their careers and stature in their own company by raising their industry profile.  What I mean by this is make sure that people in the industry respect your opinion and will come to you with questions regardless of the products & services you sell. Obviously this puts you into a privileged position with those people as long as you don't abuse this respect.

Speaking at Conferences
How to become a Industry Expert?

  • Speak at conferences
  • Write articles for independent industry sites
  • Go to user group meetings
  • Write a blog on the industry
  • Publish a book/manual
  • Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/etc

How do you get to do the above things?  Really I don't believe anyone is stopping you.  Some of these might be hard as a first step - such as conferences or books or so forth.  Use the easier entry points to get known though, and your profile will be improved.

Be being the expert - it makes your opinion worth something. You become sought after, and more people will read your material.  It helps your current employer, but also may open up your career options later.

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