Sales Engineer to Salespeople Ratios Survey Results

Recently we had a survey to check how many SEs the average sales team has in relation to the (non-SE) salespeople.  I had a lot of feedback from the field and am now making it available as some early feedback.

First of all, some assumptions (which we may want to test in a future article)
  • One thing I didn't consider that some companies may have more SEs than Salespeople.
  • Other was relatively small, but a very interesting category. I'd love to hear what the people who used other meant.
  • The respondees were SEs
  • The responses were weighted by company.  So companies with more SEs responding still get one vote.  
What does it all mean?
  • SEs want a lower ratio.  This would allow SEs to build a working relationship with a lower number of reps, and mean less time juggling responsibilities with different people.
  • The grouping of responses in the 1:4-8 category was because I didn't expect many responses. Next time I would give more options and split this category.  
  • 1:2 seems like a magic ratio
  • 1:3 like a very undesirable ratio, however 1:4-8 seems to be reasonable to those with this ratio.
I would like to discuss this more widely, in the meantime if you'd still like your voice heard - the form is still open!