10 things Sales Engineers can do at Christmas time

So what does Christmas mean to your average SE?

Firstly, it is usually a time when there is little point in travelling to visit customers. Like you, they want to spend time with the family and enjoy the downtime.  However many of us have quarterly (or annual) sales targets that end at 31 December, so there is still a focus on closing business and ensuring that customer questions get answered in a timely manner.  Just looking at my dashboard and I see 2 or 3 opportunities that need someone to help on them.

So if you happen to be in the office, or sitting at home working on some last minute deals, what can you do in your downtime?
  1. Read a book? Now is a good time to get thoughtful about your future and think about how you can approach your job differently next year.
  2. Update your demo kit? You can work on your equipment, and make it slicker and quicker
  3. Update your demo script! Now is a great time to look over your notes, look at the questions people normally ask, and make your "standard demo" clearer than ever.  there could be several different things to do
  4. Brush up your CV and look for new jobs? Perhaps your current role isn't so appealing? Take advantage of the slow period and look at your future career
  5. Sign up for some training - your company might have some great internal resources you can review or else check out what external training you can book.
  6. Look at ways you can redefine your personal role in the SE team.
  7. Summarize how you can help customers with satisfaction
  8. Improve your RFI/P answers
  9. Contemplate the role of an SE 
  10. Enjoy a holiday - take some time off and relax!
Most important - enjoy the end of year, party like its 1999 and come back relaxed for an exciting 2017!