What do you get out of a global Presales event?

Each year we gather our presales field team to come together to learn and share experiences. This interactive event also provides many team members an opportunity present on a topic, or lead a workshop, or simply to be an engaged participant. Our aim is to make the team as a whole, stronger as a unit.

This not only ensures we all have the latest training and tools to do our job but also gives us a chance to create new ideas capabilities with our colleagues from around the world.

What do we do in this kind of event that is different from our regular remote training days?
  • Soft skills - we run workshops on soft skills like meeting, discussions and working with people.  This works well in a dynamic environment and is hard to do over the phone or with smaller groups who know each other better.
  • Common experiences about customer requirements - getting more people together means you can have better focus groups.  Doing work on getting better materials together helps everyone when they go back to their worldwide markets and roles.
  • Better understanding of use cases and re-usability of materials and tools.
  • Have global experts host sessions to benefit the whole team.  
  • Team building - getting a bunch of presales people together means you have a very talented group who could enjoy many things outside of the office.  Enjoying each other's hobbies and non-work experiences allows for more diversity and a chance to have fun and build stronger bonds.
Along with this, it is a good chance to interact with some other functions to deliver feedback, understand company strategy better and meet executives for open discussions.  

Having a global event gives you the chance to invest in the team itself, and building a team that is stronger than the sum of its parts.