How to hit the ground running as a Sales Engineer

Landed a new role?  Want to make sure you hit the ground running?  Here are some tips for SEs starting at a new company.

Tip #1:  Don't Wait

Get started before your first day! If you have some time between jobs, or a commute or spare time in your old role, get ahead of the game by checking in with your manager and find out what they'd recommend you read.
Read up on your new company. Treat it like you would a new customer or prospect.  Find out what their executives want them to focus on. Find out about their main products and what you'd likely be talking to customers about.  Read up annual reports, newsletters, demos on YouTube or anything that you think staff members should be interested in.

Tip #2: Do a dry run of the commute

If you're working in a new location, try out the commute and check out the local area. Find out which of the local cafes or restaurants you'd most like to visit. Make sure you know how long the commute is, and that you know the best way.  In peak hour it can be much harder to do, and you want the practice. If you have to travel to get to the office, look through the travel plan in advance and make sure you feel comfortable with it.

Tip #3: Ask for a pre-start meeting and tour

See if your boss will let you have a meeting before you start.  The more comfortable you are with the people, the environment and the way the company works, the better you will feel when you have actually started.

Tip #4: Leave your baggage at the door

Forget about old issues you had with people, products, computers, demos or anything else.  No one in your new company needs to know about them, and they could be things you can easily move on from.  A fresh start means you can focus on what you do need, and you can make some of the best growth in your career with a new focus.

Tip #5: Complete your current network before you leave

Make sure you catch up with people in your network before you go, particularly those who might be mutually beneficial in the future.  Get those recommendations in LinkedIn, and also give back to people you recommend too.  Make sure your familiar customers know who you are and remember you for the future, as opposed to just know that the demo was good or your presentation was nice.  Make sure people remember you and your skills.

Most of all, take the time in your new role to learn what you need to do to succeed and keep doing the things that got you the role in the first place.