Demonstrating Credibility - PreSales Talks

This week we had a lively conversation starting on the topic of Demonstrating Credibility.

How do you help your customer see you as an expert and establish your position as a trusted advisor.

Make your story relatable 

  • Address from discovery point of view
  • Have a relatable persona.
  • Bring a reference in their industry.
  • Ask them questions to frame your expertise

Building Credibility

  • Act like you have it
  • Get someone else to introduce you.

Learn the story, not the words.

Practicing to ensure you are confident.

  • Has to be out loud.
  • Practice the exact words you'd use.

Gaining internal credibility

  • Getting accreditation on products
  • Practice what you're going to talk about
  • Be ready for questions
  • Ask for feedback - what can we improve on?
  • Prepare like you've never won, perform like you've never lost.
  • Replying to emails, slack, etc.

Demo certs

  • Requirement?
  • Script/scorecard
  • Hit the points
  • Style, aims
  • 30/60/90 day targets with demos
  • Demo roasts
    • Safe environment to show and tell demos.
    • Help re-train experienced staff
    • What is a safe environment?

Other things you can do (even if you don't have deep product knowledge)

  • Read through about them and their business
  • Read their priorities and business reports

Have you modified your credibility tactics for government or industry

  • Some industries are very picky
  • Sometimes only the right reference will do
  • You are always the subject matter expert on the software.
  • Demonstrate some of your research or effort to understand their issues.
  • Sharing references - sometimes they don't care about them.

Topics for future weeks?

  • Creating safe environment for experimenting with product/demos
  • Safe space with customers
  • Bad behavior by external staff