Resourcing Presales - Clubhouse Presales Talks by Presales Collective - PART 3

A really massive list of topics this week with our biggest Clubhouse room yet to just talk presales!  Join us next week at 6pm GMT /  12pm CT for another Presales Talks by Presales Collective. 

Resourcing presales

• How to do it?
• Seat at the table?
• PODs
• Shared revenue
• Individual model
• How to reward other people for coming in and helping.
• No two deals are the same
○ Market segment - SMB is good for pools
○ Enterprise & up - different models
• SE-aaS
○ Pull in on demand
• Pull in industry experts


• General enablement
• Pick up faster
• Discovery piece
• Complementary offering
• Could use au

Clubhouse for presales

• Usage of clubhouse calls
• Master moderator
• Sales Club
○ Don't use this as a selling point
○ It needs to provide a benefit

Question on ML

• Magic moment is the effect of their data on the learning
• Isn't that a POV really?
• AI - speech to text model
• Show audio translated live to text.

AE pulls SE into demo before it is really time.

• Do your own discovery after the AE calls you in.
• It demos well.

Moving from Engineering to Sales

• Getting onto some targets that the VP of sales cares about
• Try to only get measured about what the Aes and sales people need help on.

Join us next week for a talk on 

"Measuring the impact of pre sales"