PreSales Talks - Collaborating with your Account Executive (AE)

We had our biggest presales clubhouse room to date, with an excellent topic around how to
collaborate with your AE.  Some excellent ideas here, and glad to see it didn't descend into a rep bashing affair.

We'll be back next week with more to talk about focusing on Time Management for Presales

How to work with your Account Executive

• AEs - spend too much time on the wrong slides (NASCAR)

• Bad behaviour: Keep interrupt the SE

• Align before the event

• AEs usually like to talk.

• Give your AE some things to do in the demo

• "Don't tell me to show something specifically"

• Don't let chat messages chime or turn up on screen

• Act as a sounding board between the roles.

• Collaborate on the qualification of a customer

• Help sellers in their outreach demos

Train together

• Organize practices - regional or monthly session to do practice together

• Need to make it appealing to the whole team - images, graphs, visuals

Private equity

• How much customization do we do per demo?

• Try to understand the customer & their need. If you need to alter the product to address their particular need this makes a lot of sense. Sometimes just cosmetically.

• Should you go too far into the customer's expertise?  It could turn into them being the expert

• Do you make everything an option?

Enterprise vs SMB

• Getting respect for the presales team

• Presales team is probably outnumbered by sales people

Starting a presales organization

• When to do it?

• Could be based on how hard the technical sell is

• Could be also when the services organization can't cope with presales needs

• Startups - tend to borrow people from other teams

• Some startups do without sales people

• Founders do demos well!

Pioneering new wins

• High margin vs low margin

• Do you have good references in that market

• Do you need to show a tailored demo to show relevant answers.

Next week's topic

• Time management for Presales!

• Request management