Presales Talks "Multitasking" with Presales Collective

Discussion today started with talking about multitasking and engagement with video participants.  Firstly, multitasking is impossible - check Ed's video for more on this.

Generally - make sure the visual element of your session matches what you speak about. If you need to break away from the slides, it is good to actually switch just to a video only chat.  And turn your video on - more about this later!

For video engagement we spun through several lively topics with lots of great suggestions from new and returning guests to the session series.

Be sparing with your slides, as they can become a wall between you and the audience. Take breaks between slides and go to video regularly.

Direct questions to people - don't just leave hanging with a completely open "Any Questions" slide or statement. Ask people their opinion on something, or how a story resonates with them.

With remote sessions, work towards continued engagement, rather than lengthy monologues. 

"Use the TED acronym - Tell, Explain, Describe."

If you see engagement dropping, what can you do?
Use polling. Ask people for responses on topics. Which topic is most interesting?
Use multiple choice.
Ask individuals questions, with warning, so they are ready to respond.

With international audiences, where not everyone is a master at the language, using the chat to get questions or feedback is a good leveler so that people don't feel like you put them ill at ease with their language.  It helps break a barrier to them contributing more.

Finally on video, it is an important advantage to anyone in sales.
  • As a presenter, you should always default to video on.
  • They get to know you, and it can be key to the connection
  • You have a chance to build up your personality and individual level connection, even if the customer doesn't turn on theirs.
  • You might get an indication of trust from the customer if they start to use their video if they weren't before.
Great chatting with the group, love to see you on a future presales talks.