Presales Talks - Time management for Presales

Today's talks started with Time management, and we quickly progressed to how to work better with your sales rep and also tips for presales people and the path to "the dark side" that is sales.

Setting Expectations

• Who gets to put things into your diary

• Depends who you report into

• Dealing with competing sales requests

• Dealing with requests from different teams

• Dealing with meetings that have just been placed in your diary.

• Manager to help support the team 

Organizational priorities

• What are the priorities for the presales organization?

• How do you pick between competing priorities

• Earn the right to say no!

• How to build the ability to say no.

• Make sure they realize you have the same goal (closing the most business)

• Work with them on what we want to achieve.

Pool model versus direct mapping

• Incentive could help direct engagement

• Queue based

• Monitor the queue

• Some tag-teaming, or sharing of deals

Some rep-presales relationship

• Bringing SE in early.

• Working with 2-3 reps

• Clear who is good and who isn't

• Build up the relationship

• You should get to know each other beyond just the business meetings

• Make sure you establish the relationship with the rep

• Involvement in discovery & other parts of the process

1-1 rep / presales system


• Helps you think about what you need to learn from

• Could be industry specific

Moving from SE leadership to Sales leadership?

• What do  we think about this?

• Think it is easier than Presales to sales

• You have a lot of skill working with sales people

Presales to Sales

• Are you good with the organizational aspects

• Are you good at committing to the number?

The full stack seller

• Situations where SDR can pass a lead to presales and go through the sales process together.

• Roles where you have the freedom to do prospecting & contractual activities as well.