Presales Talks: Proofs, Trials, Evaluations *** PART TWO ***

We revisited this exciting topic with a bigger group of participants! 

Proofs, Trials, Evals

• Configuring trials

• We can decide whether to do it or not

Perception of moving the sale forward

• Qualified

• Entry criteria

• What is the cost of a POV?

○ People cost in Presales time

○ Helps justify other things

Giving team members ground rules on when to say no

What other things could you do first

• Technical deep dive

• Reference call


• Demo, especially custom demos.

• Pilot


• How many POVs can a team member run at once?

• 2-3?

• Automated trials?

○ Automatically log people in

○ Trial plans that customers follow themselves.

How to keep your Proofs small?

• Only include success criteria that move the deal forwards

• Don't include things you can easily demo

• Are you giving away real value?

Screenshot demos

• Does it have to be real?

• Will it work for them?

• Will it work with their data/inputs?

• How unique are they really?

Any tools people use to run POVs?

• Reprise

○ Screenshot of product & create demo environment for customers to use.

○ Marketing/leadgen?

Future topic

• Sellers vs Presales

• Payscales & how to show your value?

• Salary/Money/Presales

• Cost of presales…