Presales Talks: Proofs/Trials/Evals best practice

Are POCs an essential part of the buying process?

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What do we do with trials?

• Standard? Should you always offer one?

• Main point - de-risking the customer's decision

• Don't always need to do this

• Demonstrates the value

• How risk averse is the customer

Reasons not to do one

• Can add to sales risk

• Could slow down the deal

Smaller deals

• Trial to buy

• Need to support them like customer success

• Keep them using/growing their use.

• Build product that supports users and trials

Customised demos

• "Bicycle factory"

• Avoid data that looks obviously fake.

• Lots of customers do want to see their own data

What things do you include in a trial?

• Processes

• Data

• End Users

• Architecture fit

POC before Tender - to shape the requirements.