PreSales Talks: The best way to demo

Is there one good way to demo? 

What do you want to know before you demo?

What kind of demo should you give if you know nothing about the customer?

Check out my series - Elements of a Good Demo! 

Stop saying click

Talk about where you are going, not how you get there
How much assumed knowledge do you expect?
• "As you may know" - a way to let people know somehting
• Bring in some basic questions to ask?

1-1 demos

• Popular questions here:

Encourage anonymous questions

Use polling
Icebreakers - Mentimeter

Get a question into the first 3 minutes
Ask them to use the chat - say where they are from
Get the level of their expertise

Reach out to people beforehand to find out more
What is the sweat spot for getting interaction

Average attention span is 6-7 minutes. Make sure your interaction is within this amount to keep people engaged

Steve Capper

Conversations are like tennis - keep the engagement.

The kinds of questions are important

How do you do this process today? (what kind of problem do you have)
How many steps in your current process? (how big is the problem)
Avoid yes/no questions - although maybe for direction on your demo.

Whiteboarding function/software

• Get their input
• What do you want out of this session
• Individual wants
• Team wants

Physical props - whiteboard

• Technique essential for demonstrating mobile apps

Different levels of audiences

• Small vs large customers
• Bigger customers - layered decision makers
• Needs to appeal to all levels in the meeting
• Start high, go low and then go back up.

What should you not do? (topic for another day)

• Feature dumping
• Long lists!
• Showing features that they don't want to see

Demos that you have to follow a prescribed order

Give them your map for the order of the session & demo it the way you think it should, based on their needs.

Demo product and an error pops up.

• Don't audibly mention it
• Move through it or around it
• Don't break the fourth wall
• Don't talk about artificial presentation pieces

Next week: How do you tell the right story, and don't make your demo data look fake.