PreSales Talks: APAC Edition - Career Development and Elevating the Role of Presales

Thanks to Arms Mejilla we have a strong PSC chapter talking on Clubhouse in Asia Pacific. 

This week they discussed Career Development & Elevating the role of Presales

  • Set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals for yourself.
  • It helps you prioritize specially when distracted with frequent spot fires that need to be put out
  • Write them down. Don't underestimate the power of physical notes
  • Define what success looks like to you, your team and your organization. Then align your goals to them
  • Invest in yourself, identify the tech skills that will progress your career but also emphasize on soft skills that you need to work on
  • Establish deep internal & external relationships!

  • Customer relationships are important and very basic to the role. Make sure to always cover the potential technical blockers to the deal
  • Internal cross-functional collaboration can greatly increase your visibility, enrich your career and elevate the presales role within the organization
  • Sales partnerships (like training the sales team on product & positioning) are super important specially when most tech R&D and Product management teams are either in the US or Europe. APAC presales serve as an important bridge
  • Relationship between presales & product management is very beneficial too. "I may not be able to answer that question, but I know who can"
  • The best presales individuals are most often the most connected ones
  • Other examples could be working with marketing (webinars, content creation & public speaking opportunities). 
  • Partner management and enablement are also worthwhile activities that presales can add value in