PreSales Talks: Customer Feedback and Engagement

Today's session focused on getting the right customer feedback, directing the questions to the right area, and how to ensure you have positive actions following your sessions. 

Non-verbal feedback is harder with virtual

• How do you make up for this gap?

• Tricks in zoom

• Be more engaging!

Breaks and silences?

• Pause more.  Ask questions give some breaks

• Don't use "any questions", but try to shape the questions

• "What are your thoughts?"

• "How do you see using … in your current environment"

• Targeting someone who should have a question.

• Qualifying and Clarifying questions.

• Learn to be ok with silence. Breaking the silence loses your advantage.

Naming and asking for opinions

• Asking what they do right now.

Introductions, People's roles, etc

• Check into who they are, why they are there

• Review their profiles on social media

What if they don't want to share

• Negotiation tactics

• Know if what you have is valuable.

• Make an awkward silence

• Get them to qualify IN.

• Separate the discussion away from the commercial side.

What if they have too many questions? How do you get things back on track

• Have an agenda? 

• Refer back to planned topics of conversation

• Don't go in cold - prepare on the planned topics of conversation

Feedback afterwards

• Give them homework

• Something to read

• Something to do

• Some way to track the engagement

• Trial accounts

A really engaging set of questions and discussion points.  Next week we're going to focus on "What SEs do at the end of Quarter?"