PreSales Talks: How to run a Perfect Proof of Value?

This week we went with no set topic, but got into a juicy discussion on what the best Proof of Value would be like.

If you could write down & describe your perfect trial or POC what would it be?

• No POC!

• Clear crisp success criteria that you can achieve

○ Measurable

• Ask for the deal upfront.

• POC should remove risk, and accelerate the deal.

• Actions that address the success criteria

• Effort is on both sides

• Trial - not a test implementation, its proving that the business value is there.

How often do we talk to the best customer during the POC?

• Sharing incremental value


• Use Proof of Value over Proof of Concept - value is more meaningful

• Make sure you use business cases before/after.

What happens at the end of the POC?

• Flip a switch - go straight to production?

• Start a full brand new system?

• Like setting a separation between permanent and temporary systems

• How much effort is the POV vs the implementation

Some benefit for keeping links and APIs intact.  Depends on the impact on the customer on taking the POV away from them.