PreSales Talks: Top things for SEs to do at end of Quarter

Often there is slightly more time for presales at the end of quarter, because you've finished demos, POVs and trials with a bit of time for the deals and contracts to be closed. How do you most productively use this extra time?

  1. Bring/buy bottles of champagne - start celebrating the wins?
  2. Education
  3. Help finish the deals?
  4. Document War Stories
  5. Build more Scalability
  6. Open up new customers
  7. Develop your career
  8. Win/Loss/Pending Reviews?
  9. Hand off to Post Sales
  10. Get customer success stories and references
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Bring/buy bottles of champagne

• Team bonding

• Get to know each other


• Catch up on certifications

• Practice time - with a friendly audience

• Lots of "Stick time" - hands on time in the environment

• Learn new things

• Prime time to do training

• Learn new products

• Some teams have a allocated time, but it is hard to take at other times

• For shared pools you can get other team members to cover for you.

Help finish the deals?

• Probably too late

• Get the customer technical folks out of the way

• No early stage activities for current opportunities

• Opposite sometimes, customer wants you there as a trusted advisor.

• Different role from normal. Closing down, not opening up the deal.

Share war stories

• Document and share what went wrong and good.

Things that allow scalability

• Automation

• Outstanding things

• Vertical demos

Opening up new customers

• Early stage meetings solo

• Take SDRs with you - instead of the rep

Is end of quarter a real thing?

• Don't feel the same as an AE does.

• Just a date. 

• How much can you influence on dates, and what is in play?

• Can you help others out? See what else can be brought in?

• What can you help to try and bring in early?

Breaking into presales? Developing your career?

• Ask presales leaders if you can learn their products, demos, etc.

• Ask to join in any team training materials?

• Reach out to target companies and organizations.

• Download trial versions of their products & learn to use/demonstrate it

• Always a good time to reach out and develop your career ambitions

Win/Loss/Pending reviews

• Spend time looking at what is working or not

Handoff to post sales.

• Do it early! 

• At stage 4 out of 5, it is a good time to start the handoff

• Customer wants to feel it to be seamless

• Postsales could be annoyed at non-standard inclusions. It's still better to have that discussion early and solve the problem together.

• Join in on existing customer discussions.

Getting customer success stories

• As a trusted advisor you can have a strong hand in helping get good stories from the customers

• Encourage the AE to get it into the contract

• Early discussion with the right people.

• Get a selection story about a customer

Call out/shout out/celebrating success

• We're in sales 

• Make sure recognition is made to everyone who helps make a deal possible

• Pointing out why things aren't won!