Presales Talks: Feedback from Presales to Product!

How close is your presales team to the developers who build and improve your products? 

Your team can be a key part of getting customer insights heard and visible, and represented in the improvements to the product and the roadmap!

Some key notes from our session on July 9 Clubhouse

• Help product teams understand how new capabilities might link to additional and existing revenue

Product are longer term focused! This quarter's revenue and deals are less exciting to them than better long term outcomes, products and revenue

• Engineers like a fact driven, data driven approach.

• How do you continue working close to product teams as companies scale up?

Presenting roadmap to customer - Safe harbor what you're saying, and talk about themes and investments

• Some new products are harder to sell - need new skills or personas to sell to - how does it fit for your current team and customer base?

Presales are a key way to get the customer voice heard by Product.  We had a great time discussing these points and am sure this is a worthy topic to spend more time on in the future