Presales Talks: Managing Vacation time and PTO as Presales

Some advice when you are off on leave: DO shut off your phones, email & relax! It is the time to freshen up, spend time with your family, friends or even just on your own to be you.

To free yourself up

  • Get someone to act as your out of office buddy - they can help direct requests to the right person
  • Do schedule stuff for your return - don't apologise for being away
  • Do set an out of office message with the expectation that you will deal with things after your return.
  • Make sure your customers also know you are off.
  • For longer breaks- think of bringing in an extra (junior) person from outside of the region.

Customer engagement when you are off.

  • Tell your customer you are off
  • Make sure they understand how they can escalate or proceed without your help.
  • Introduce your cover person and some checkpoints/coverage for them

Find it hard to take leave?

  • Start to carve out a little time to educate or develop yourself and build from there.
  • Work with team mates and colleagues on coverage for that role.

As a final thought, we discussed the Iceland 4-day week. Is this the future for presales work?