Presales talks: Mental well-being of Presales!

This week we were joined by Jeff Riseley from as an expert on the topic of mental well being for sales professionals! It was a gripping subject and one of the strongest episodes on clubhouse for me so far. 

Presales leaders need to look out for the wellness of their team, and accept that this is a factor that will help them have a stronger team with a better win-rate.
Individuals need to think about their own well being and establish strong boundaries on how they work and also the other parts of their lives.

Wellness days

• Joint corporate days off

• Offloads stress across whole organization

• Do people know how to rest, recover and get the most benefit from this

• Ensure people are empowered to respect days off - don't take calls, say no to customers, respect the time off.

Strong boundaries of work

• Know how to say no

• Turning off your phone

• Properly switching off

• Set your boundaries and your piece.

• "Deep work" the ability to focus.

Stress makes people

• Make mistakes

• Impact on others

• Work less efficiently


• Need to make sure people know how bought into wellness management are

• What are the rules on emailing out of hours or slack or calling.

Rights around the world

France - employees have a legal right to not receive/respond to emails out of hours or on vacation time.

How to reduce stress

• Bookend your day

○ Sunlight

○ Shower

○ Reading

○ Shutdown routine.

• Stop wearing stress or your hussle as a badge of honour.

• Lumberjack story - the best one has a break and sharpens his axe.

• Who do you want to be in the future? 
Is what you're doing today pushing you towards that goal?

• Managers need to address

• Recent We The SEs podcast:

• Getting to know your colleagues better even when you have never met them in real life.

○ Be objective and ask them about some behaviour change or action recently.