PreSalesTalks: Ending the Year Strongly

This week on #PresalesTalks on Clubhouse we talked about the end of the year and what the period means to presales.  Not just that it is end of the financial year (for some), but also there is the holiday period, and a time of introspection as the calendar ends and we move to the next year.  

What is the best thing about the end of the year!

Ending the week strongly is also important.

Mental well being.

Reclaiming your time

No double bookings

Planning cycles

Look to the next year as well. Things don't just finish or end after this period.

Use the social event of end of year to get closer to your customers.  The personal touch could be extremely valuable and help you become a more trusted advisor.


Not everyone celebrates the same holidays and events

Trade shows & expos

Not all financial years are the same

Utilize learnings from previous year.

Individual metrics

• Methods of reviewing their personal numbers

• How they feel they are doing with their reps, their team etc.

Manager reports

• Managers discuss metrics with individuals

• As a manager how do you understand how your team rate you

Feedback tools

• Do corporate tools give an honest reflection?

• Personal conversations can be better

• Sometimes people only open up "too late"

• Silos - might miss cross functional feedback

• Use the period to gather reflection and 

Do sellers need support on the last week/day of the period?

• Usually those deals won't happen

• Sometimes last minute support

C-levels, Mid levels and individuals think differently.