Presales Talks: Self Improvement

Today we freewheeled through some self-improvement methods and ideas! 

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• Book notes & tracking

• Collaborative and individual


• Looks at your highlights in kindle and send them to you

Listen to podcasts 

Presales Collective

Two presales in a pod

Demo diaries - reprise



• W3 schools

• Black Friday sale on now

• Coding and other technical things


LinkedIn Learning

• Soft skills based - can be better

Local universities & colleges for leadership seminars and live classes

2 companies that post salaries for openings

• Deep watch -

• Dragos

Where to start?

• Self awareness of what you need to work on Strengthsfinder

Use or similar recording products (and check out their videos which are pro-presales)

Listen to your own sessions afterwards

Ask people for feedback

Product Demos That Sell: 7 Elements of Insanely Persuasive Sales Demos

7 Powerful Sales Strategies Your Competitors Don't Know - YouTube

Future topics 

• Self-improvement revisited

• Soft skills

• Figure out volunteers to talk on a topic.

• Short audio tips & tricks

• Regrets & Tough lessons learned 

• How to manage product shortfalls

• Dealing with Competitors