PSLC Executive Summit Day 3!

 I had the pleasure of hosting the first part of day 3, which means my notes are not that useful here. I really enjoyed the sessions and the interaction of them. 

I did take notes for the second part:

Overcoming myths about presales compensation

• Ted Briggs, Jeff Margolese, Jo Ann Powers, Kerry Sokalsky

• Better comp plans better behaviour

• Big money is not just for the sales reps

• Pay people fair or they'll move elsewhere

• 50,000 open presales roles.

• What pay problem are we trying to solve (is it packaging, structure, management, grade/level)

Establishing an Organizational Foundation for Scale

• Lara Meadows, Todd Janzen, John Pullen.

• Flatten the organization and let people collaborate and talk to each other

• Be transparent about metrics and how they related to people

• Why the metric is relevant and important.

• Get demo environments that are customised to your customer quick and easy.

• SCs holding on to old style demos and not learning the new stuff.

• No Harbour tours!

• The demo button on the website should be a "Send me a Demo video" button, as that is what they really want.

Helping create an Ecosystem:

• James Kaikis, Yuji Higashi, Kevin Mefford
• The future of PSC, PSLC and PSA.
• Such strong engagement
• 2021 is the year of the presales professional!  Start of the year
• 15K members in PSC
• 25 Local chapters
• 305 Presales Leaders
• PSC as a Career Platform