PSLC Executive Summit Day One!

 I was lucky enough to attend two sessions on Day One of the PSLC Executive Summit, a great celebration of presales leadership and some big topics.

The Monumental Shift in our profession

• Channing Ferrer, Shannon Trainor Stak, Doug Ito, Alexandra Beretta

• So many different titles! 

• Shift - from support to proactive & more of a "co-pilot"

• Self service matters

• Changing the way things are bought.

• Presales role changes too!

• Investing more in customers with more Long Term Value

• Presales people don't like time tracking!

• Fostering Innovation and challenging the status quo

• Presales to play a bigger role in Product Led Growth

• More opportunity for Specialisation

Digital tools 

• LEADERS: Marjorie Abdelkrime, Delia Parman, Cristina Randazzo, Rob Bruce.

• Video 

• Scaling up the organization

• Increasing reach

• Not about eradicating your job

• Removes the less valuable part of the discovery/early stage sessions.

• Can yield better information back. 

• Where should leaders start when trying to start scaling.

• Speeding up the buying journey - customers get information quicker and reduce the number of interactive meetings that are needed 

• Recognise the early adopters and promote the value of the work.