10 tips for the New Year at Improving in Presales

Getting into the new year, these are my top 10 things to improve at for presales! No matter how good you are today, you should be able to find ways to improve and get better. Here are some of mine!
  1. Practice your demos! Do dry runs, recordings and listen to yourself
  2. Write out scripts on what you plan to do in a session. Be flexible, but go in with a plan.
  3. After you say anything, think as if the customer is saying "so what" and make sure you have a reason
  4. Make sure everything you said is understandable by a beginner in your field. Cut out jargon, acronyms and slang that might be hard for someone to understand
  5. Do your demos from the customer point of view - think about your audience
  6. Listen more. If the customer is taking time to say something, give them that time, and listen carefully to everything they say.
  7. Introductions are important, try to understand why everyone has come to this meeting and what they want
  8. Prioritize your time - and do the most important stuff first!
  9. Try to find 1 thing to improve each time you do a task.
  10. Keep score, and work out what things are your biggest leaks in your work!

What are your #topten things to improve at in presales?