Presales Talks: It's the most wonderful presales talks of the year

It is a shame when santa brings you Log4j vulnerabilities in the Christmas season.  For those deep into security this can be pretty exciting. Well for the rest of us, it is a time to reflect, take a break and take stock. Get a plan for next year. Others this is just a holiday period in the middle of their quarter.  

Some notes from this week's call:

Industry - spinoffs - let's people focus

Glad to be at the end of a quarter, year

A good time to take a break and freshen yourself up

Corporate holiday shutdown

• Forced breaks

• Checking email on time off?

• Remote vs office

• If you're working from home, why have email on your phone…

• Do proper handovers - so other people can cover for you.

Reading about burnout 

• Burnout implies you're working too hard

• Addressing burnout

• How quickly work is coming across your desk

• Are you able to deal with it at that rate

Be available on your schedule

• Email - active on your phone?

Hide apps when you are not available.