Presales Talks: Fresh ideas for presales

We had a good chat on the IDEAS for Presales session of Presales Talks last week! Several big topics were started that we'll spend more time on in the coming weeks, so look out for the sessions and please join us! 

We have a solid group of regular participants and moderators who make new people very welcome and help them join in discussions. To join us on clubhouse look for the Presales Collective club!

In recent times we've had several presales celebrities join in on our clubhouse including Patrick Pissang, (The Social Sales Engineer), Ramzi Marjaba (We the SEs), Josh Hill (Ikuto, presales recruiting), Natasja Bax (The DemoScene), Ed Jaffe (Demo Solutions),Marjorie Abdelkrime (PSC Ambassador and founding PSLC member) and James Kaikis (PSC co-founder) keeps in touch about joining us on future sessions.  Thanks to all of them for joining in and look forward to seeing you on again soon. 

Partners - presales & sales

• Partners also can have sales engineers

• Partner SEs often have many techs to support - 

• Make it easy for them!

• Won't sell just like you will.

• Give them a cheat card!

• Keep the easy info in front of them

• Regular check ins

Help build out a client delivery model

• Organization thinking about Solutions and Customer Success together.

• Vivun - leadership meeting with Snowflake adopting that kind of strategy

• Presales/CS combined roles

• Customer success into presales - helping make sure we propose solutions that are usable and useful.

• Lots of titles: Customer success architect, Velocity Architect, Catalyst Engineer

• Companies that sell with pilots rather than POCs…

Market sales data analyst

• People tell him he could be supporting sales

• How to switch from any customer facing role into presales

Joining the Presales Collective!

  • Why join? What can PSC help you with?