PresalesTalks: Back in 2022!

Ok so it is a new year and we're "Feeling Good", so what does that mean for presales? 

For some it is a new fiscal for financial year, with new targets, for others it is just the calendar and holiday season that is over. At #presalestalks we were back for another exciting session talking about personal goals and improvement.  Some have new jobs and are onboarding, others want to onboard new skills or up their demo game.

What are you trying to achieve in 2022?  Let us know, or keep it secret, write it down and work on it!

Here's the small notes I took on Friday:

No demos in week 1!

Lots of illness about

Sales kickoffs - what are they like for those who've never been on one?

• Meeting people

• Getting to know everyone

• Meeting different silos/functions/groups

• Hallway conversations

How do you do these things if there isn't a kickoff or it is just virtual?

Watch parties with local teams