PresalesTalks: Social Media and Presales

We had a good talk last week on PresalesTalks about social media, personal & professional accounts, and how to get started in a new role using social media.

Join us again next week for more presales talks

Joining a new company and wondering what to do about that on social media?

• Post your first day experience

• Start linking to colleagues, customers, industry contacts, other presales

• Make posts about your early observations

• Your experience and growth journey is interesting in itself

Social networking to Competitors?  Dos and Don't

• Sales leadership vs presales leadership

• Is it ok?

• You don't compete in every aspect

• You have a special respect for your competitor

• Defensiveness vs openness

• Practical approach - good intentions in how you connect

• Comment on their posts.

Dividing your social media accounts

• One for your interest/hobby

• One for your professional life?

• Or combine it into one account about you?

• Can you leverage one passion as an anecdote?

• Pros

○ Building a brand?

○ Industry/role/passion

○ What resonates the most with your audience(s)?

○ Are some of your passions mutually exclusive?

○ Where do you draw the line of personal vs professional

○ Think of what your personal brand is, and stay on brand!

• Cons

○ Splitting your efforts

○ More effort to maintain and keep multiple accounts running

○ Might stop people from parts of audience getting to know the real you!