Presales Talks: Presales & Customer Success

Presales often work close with Customer Success organizations. In some companies, this overlap is 100% where one organization does it all. As companies mature and have different needs from existing and winning new customers, the teams can diverge and have a separate mission.  How do you address these different needs?  This is the topic we discussed last week on presales talks!

Some of the key questions:

What are the goals of Customer Success?

  • Driving consumption
  • Driving expansion & renewal
  • Ensuring long term satisfaction

Why should presales get involved?

How big should customer success be?

Who should lead this?

Maturity of the company?

• Startups don't have dedicated teams, it becomes part of everyone's job

Do CSMs move to presales or the other way?


• Does CS require deeper tech skills than presales?

• Is CS higher pressure than Presales? Troubled customers?

Are account executives under more pressure than presales?