Listening Skills week on #PresalesTalks

This week we talked about Listening Skills and went through the outcome of several people's Listening Quiz results! Go and take yours and let us know how it went! In particular learn about the 4 Villains of listening! 

Some quick tips for helping promote good listening from today's session

  • Making sure there is a balance of listening and questions.
  • How to listen when the customer just wants to talk?
  • Make sure you listen with the aim to understand, not just to know when you can speak next!
  • Make sure your questions have context.
  • Gong Research on Listening Ratios: Gong have done some research into ideal listening ratios for b2b sales calls. The best conversion rates have the selling team speaking less than 50% of the time! How do we apply this to presales?
We also saw a Book recommendation of Non-violent communication by Marshall Rosenberg