The most awesome thing about working in Presales is ...! #PresalesTalks

 Great affirmative session celebrating the great things that happen when you work in presales! I'm sure some of these topics will come back in future weeks! 

Top reasons why Presales is AWESOME!

Creative and storytelling

Curious & Brave

Change & Variety "You learn something every day"


Artistic - Engaging.

Eager to help


Interact with customers at a technical level and autonomy in doing so.

Work between the silos of your organization & customers. Your view on life is better

"You learn more about life itself"


• Many presales do improv on the side

• In a minute - think of as many uses for a pencil.

• How many questions can you make about something?

• Use "Yes and …" to deal with objections

• How to transition to 

• And what else?

• "Anything else we should be asking"

• "Deep listening podcast" 

○ Say what else

○ Tell me more


• Don't fill every silence

• Give your customer enough time to think of their response

Villains of listening - .

○ Interrupter

• Give the customer a lot of space in the conversation


• Among technical roles

• Get a lot of chances to choose how you do things and figure out what is the most important thing to do.

• You get more as you progress

• As a trusted advisor customers look to you for direction and autonomy

• Happiest SEs are confident in controlling their own time

• Use your time to learn and develop yourself

• Early in career - you get pushed more into precise situations and scenarios

• Block your mornings for prep time.

• Big chunks or little chunks


• Curious Connector

Ability to do a lot of things in a short time

• Learn multiple things 

• Asking "Why" a lot.

• If you have a short time slot, you might achieve some quick things. If you need to do a longer task, schedule it.

• Check out the Eisenhower Matrix