Big Room Meetings on #PresalesTalks

A skill many Presales people have is handling a big room meeting! Often at conferences and events, but sometimes also for deals, handling a large crowd of 10 more people takes additional skills.  We discussed many of these on the latest presales talks session!

How many big board/meetings do you have?

• Rarer

• Only a small number of team members need to do it

• For virtual - chat.

Listening skills

• How are people reacting? Emoting

• Polling tools? Menti-meter

• Hands-up

• Look around the room (left-right-middle)

• Helps you identify people who are willing to interact

Scholar's cradle Gestures for public speaking - the beginners' guide to scholars' cradles

• 12 different ones in use

• Try the Apex Cradle.

Some differences and ideas

• More scripted and directed

• Rhetorical questions

• Do practice runs with small groups

Dealing with Heckling?

• Ignore?

• Put them in their place?

• Getting the crowd to work against the heckler.

Responding to questions

• Right away

• Later/at the end.

• Much later - or afterwards


• Setting expectations - what do you want people to do at the end

• What questions do you want answered?

• Vision - if-then…

• Have a story structure that includes challenges, (5 Ps) "And But Therefore If Then."

Why do them?

• Build up trust with our customers/audiences

• Help guide people towards solutions to common problems.

• Give them a purpose - what you want them to do afterwards.

Gaining Calmness while nervous

• Box breathing

• Help control your breathing cycle

• Keep focus while breathing

• Keep some of that nervous energy - it can help you sound more human!