Branding for Presales #PresalesTalks

We had a great talk about Branding for Presales.  If you don't consciously do this, you'll still experience  unconscious branding based on how others perceive you.  

Can be a much deeper topic - branding matters to everyone, not just presales of course.

How to go from invisible to irresistible. The worst thing is if people don't notice you at all. Get yourself known for doing something. Tell people that you have experience at something, or are interested in it.  Building a brand helps others know what to expect from you, and then they will spread the word for you.

Book recommendation on Storytelling:

Better Selling Through Storytelling

Podcast episode -

Find an ally

• Ask your sales team to help introduce you the right way to support your brand

• Use external people to help support your brand

• Ask your manage for ideas of branding