Presales Tools

Most important: tell me about your experiences with presales technology.

It is an exciting time to be in presales, as there are more technologies aimed at helping the profession become even better at adding value to the sales process and the
business beyond. Presales tooling is now included in the 2021 Enterprise SalesTech Landscape as compiled by Nancy Nardin.

Demo tools & video automation

Demo hosting

RFP / knowledge tools

Trial, POC & POV management

Presentation technologies

ROI & Business Case

Broadcasting tools

Also, when you are trying to get these tools into use in your company, think about how to "sell" it internally.
Where is the budget coming from?
What value are presales paying for?

I'd like to list out some of the categories of tools to help find information from the vendors, analysts and customers about these tools. As I get more information, I'll add to this list, and add articles to the blog. Send me suggestions of other tools I should consider!