Introducing... the Sales Engineer Guy Blog

Right. Every site needs a first post.

This site will basically help pass on my experiences as a software sales engineer, selling enterprise software products to large organisations, supporting salespeople in my company and channel partners.

I will try to steer clear of things specific to my company and products, and focus on tools, ideas and experiences that are more universal to all sales engineers. Hopefully, over time, I can have other SEs also share their experiences to make this site bigger than just my own ideas.


This looks like an interesting blog. I've got a topic for discussion: As a Manager of SEs, I need certain reports from my team and the complain about the amount of reports they have to write. For example, I need PoC success Rates, Evaluation success rates, SE involvement in wins, etc. What reports to other use? How to inforce the need to account for their work?
Thanks Kevin, great input. I reckon we can look at these metrics and reporting requirements and how they can be made easier to keep track of.