Tools and Books that I aim to review

Over the course of this blog I will try to review all the following tools and books, or at least find good reviews of them already, and link to those.
  • Vmware
  • IBM/Lenovo laptops
  • Windows Vista
  • Office 2007
  • SQL 2005
  • Inside Microsoft SQL Server 2005 series
  • Solution Selling
  • google
But this blog will not be purely on technologies or tools, but will stretch to other details as well, including experiences.


cr said…
Hey SalesEngineerGuy,

VisioGuy here!

I see in this post that you like ThinkPads, and in a future post that you dig Visio!

So you'll surely want my Thinkpad Visio Network Shape

- vg
Hi VisioGuy,

nice image - I am sure we will find it useful in our presentations - particularly to IBM or Lenovo accounts.