Supporting Google Chrome

With more and more software getting delivered as a service or over the web, many sales will need to check whether a product is supported by all browsers. With Google Chrome coming out this week, the new question is, does your product support Google Chrome?

At first, it was easy for some developers to just shrug when asked this sort of question. Obviously, a new browser tends to take time before it gets market share, and also how can a developer foresee the operations of a new browser before it becomes mainstream. After all, you don't change your business platform for fat client software very often, so why should you do it with thin clients or browsers. One vendor, EnterpriseWizard, has already announced Chrome support for its CRM system. I have found myself that works perfectly fine, as you'd expect most well written WEB 2.0 systems to do.

On, they are asking Is Chrome Right For the Enterprise? A very good question, but looking at how the uptake of Firefox has changed the enterprise world, I would say it is highly likely it will end up being used in the enterprise.

In this article in particular they talk about the possibility of doing away with windows and running on a hypervisor platform. Think about it, if all your software comes through the web, then maybe you could do this and save the whole OS layer from your platform.

When will your business support Google Chrome?