Windows 7 RC in April

So Windows 7 is getting ever closer, and Microsoft has just announced a shopping list of changes that will make the platform much more enticing for its users. On Techtree - Windows 7 RC Gets 36 Changes I read about some of these and wondered how this will make Windows 7 more acceptable to enterprises. 
In fact there is not much to see from my point of view. The main issue with Vista was that it required too much change for an enterprise in terms of supported applications, and features that would create loads of support issues - like User Access Control. On top of this, it required a large step up in terms of hardware requirements.
Network World doesn't see much more than the ability to run without a VPN - using Direct Access as an advantage. The difference now is that companies have probably updated hardware since Vista came out, but Windows 7 has been build better for low-spec machines.
However the PowerShell advances will allow better management capabilities of remote machines. AppLocker allows lockdown of users to stop downloading unauthorised software. Search will enable stronger enterprise search capabilities.
At the end of the day though, the main benefits will just be that Microsoft is making an easier upgrade path for its users than Vista. Windows 7 is really just a refinement; a platform which takes advantage of the hardware advances. UAC still needs to be configured to be less bothersome. 
Then again, people are so much more into gadgets these days, and the multimedia improvements and device management within Windows 7 could entice enough users over to make the change.