Technology: Are you ready for Windows 8?

Who is ready for Windows 8?  Most companies I talk to are barely ready for Windows 7.  The key challenges being the compatibility problems with existing apps.  With Windows 8, it brings along a whole new User Interaction concept called Metro, which is about touch and tablet style interactions.

How much use do we get of this in the office environment? 

Will we be using Windows 8 primarily on Laptops and Tablets, and use Windows 7 on Virtual Desktops, Call centers and office bound PCs?

Is there really a business drive behind this?  Microsoft are obviously trying to play catch up with Apple iOS and Google Android - but is the world ready for this kind of OS concept?  And how successful will they be at catching both of these platforms which are built on hardware + software offerings, and not just the OS itself.

Try reading this article on eweek for 10 Reasons why it will pull in Enterprise Upgrades.
Which I doubt it will in such a large scale.