4 tips on doing a great remote demo

Since everyone is working remotely and being socially distant, doesn't mean you need to stop making your demos socially engaging.

You need to flex your best presentation skill muscles more than ever before to make sure people are getting the most of your product sessions.

Engage the audience
Use people's names - ask questions to individuals and not just to "anyone".  If you're doing a mass webinar, with a one way talk track, you might want to invent some people to ask your questions to.  A directed question shows you have a better understanding of their roles, and also is more likely to get an answer.  Listen to their input and use their questions/facts/titles to shape the session.  Know how to use the tool.  Webex, Zoom, Teams and GotoMeeting all have their tips and power users.  Learn how the best people use those tools the best. 

Avoid monologues
This isn't Shakespeare. Being interactive lets you know how people are connecting
Keep it dynamic, and give them a chance to ask their questions and engage as you go. 

Alternate between product and face view
Help people know what to focus on.  Your face tells a story when the words are important.  Keep the slides and demo screen hidden when the words are important.  When the product is in focus, make sure there are no distractions, and you zoom into the bit they will want to see.

Use your best demo skills
Many of the normal face to face demo things apply too. 
Have the product ready to demo.  Too much loading, or jumping between screens is distracting.  Make sure your lead up to the demo sets the scene so that the first view of the product is exciting. Get to the solution, and don't make journey to the problem a tiring one.
Visual aids, such as flip charts, screen annotation and spotlighting/zooming to the action will help reinforce the message. Some of the best web demos or presentations I've seen have had the presenter use standard props like whiteboards and flipcharts, but done over video with great effect.
Be well presented.  It could be a polo shirt meeting to a technical group, or a suit and tie meeting to a CFO. Make sure you've thought of your appearance, dress the part, and are ready for the right kind of audience.

With these tips, you should be able to find a way to better engage your audience, present your material in the best way for the session and find a way to add value to your customers.  Go forth and demo!