"Presales Talks" on Clubhouse

 So I love my new social media systems, and Clubhouse for me has been a new way to catch up with people, that I'd struggle to reach in real life.  

I've been working with James Kaikis and Ed Jaffe on Presales Collective at getting a

clubhouse room going.  We discuss in a different way than slack channels and twitter and blogs allow, to have an interactive and lively catch up on all presales topics and find it fun and useful. If you want to join, you'll need to get on Clubhouse (only iphone for now) and join the conversations on https://www.joinclubhouse.com/event/6maGyZVx or just search for Presales in the events. We aim to do it around 6pm GMT/ 12pm CT.

This week we had some good topics including

  • Dealing with M&As as a presales consultant. 
  • How to learn new stuff quickly. Balancing technical depth vs business value
  • Collaboration - how to build new teams quickly and work together
  • Dealing with larger numbers of products
  • Presales and career destinations. 
  • What other roles do people look to do after presales
The other thing I love hearing about on the call is people's presales origin stories. How did you get into presales?  Perhaps I'll share mine here one day, or else you'll need to join the clubhouse call!!!